What Madlax is doing is fully within the rules. Do you think the LI Express team isn't made up of the best players from the several LI teams? Do you think that BBL doesn't hold a tryout for their WSYL team? There are other examples.

Let's be real. No team made up of 100% of its regular players ever wins this tournament.

The Hawks for instance are actively recruiting to fill several holdback slots with 2026 kids from other teams instead of calling up players from their 2027 squad.[/quote]

Hawks are ducking the Oktoberfest tournament this weekend were all the other real top 10 national teams are there playing (colorodo teams dont count). What MD team has beaten those teams other than the Hawks? & the Hawks have lost to several of those teams playing.[/quote]

Who exactly are the Hawks ducking? Please name the several teams they have lost to.[/quote]

Just looked up that tournament. It is on Saturday and Sunday. There are 10 or so football players who would have conflicts. Not to mention soccer. It would be impossible.[/quote]

Just looked, some teams are just playing Saturday only. Other teams are just playing Sunday only. So what other excuse do Hawks have for being the only team afraid to show and play real national talent? Afraid to play Hoco also. More like chicken hawks.[/quote]

Ha, who ARE you? you are OBSESSED with the Hawks. Get a life.