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I hear what you are saying, but he’s such a monster with the ball that any good coach will work around other deficiencies and keep him on the field. We played a one goal game with them and he didn’t get much time, but clearly knew how to pass when he saw the double coming, and used both hands effectively. Spoke with a dad whose son has faced them 3 times recently all close games and said he got maybe 5 minutes twice and 0 minutes once (in a tourney championship apparently).
The kid should play more, no doubt about it. Unfortunately I think others play over him because his parents are far from “lax parents” and before you say it I am not speaking ethnically, I mean they aren’t excessively involved, talk to coach nightly, on BOTC etc. Whoever said they faced FCA 3 times recently in close games is obv a RR PA dad as that’s the only team we’ve played 3 times, so he knows that a 6-2 lead with 5 minutes left isn’t safe once we unleash the beast! But yeah, he’s unstoppable 1 on 1 so he should be on the field all the time.