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So what are peoples prediction for top 5 in HOCO this spring at 2026?

1. Hawks
2. Looney
3. Crabs
4. Madlax
5. 91

6. BLC
7. VLC
8. Next Level

I don't think NextLevel considers itself part of this discussion, at least for now. Yesterday it played in the lower division against the BLC and MadLax B teams, and actually had a 4-2 game against the Madlax B team. My guess is that they want no part of the Hawks, Crabs, etc.

MadLax and 91 are hard to peg because, far as I know, they have not played Hawks, Looneys, Crabs, BLC, or VLC lately. Does anybody know if Madlax or 91 has played one of those five in the fall, or is scheduled to play them?

And BLC is hard to place because of the "famous five" on injured reserve. Even at full strength they do not seem equal to Hawks, Crabs, or Looney's, but it is hard to say how they stack up to MadLax, VLC, and 91. Keep in mind that other teams are down players too and will get them back in the spring.