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“There are a lot of very good MD teams in this age division. Looneys probably should have been included in the top 20 along with Team 91 MD. Arden Diamondbacks were a top 10 team last year. Where did those players go?“

The majority of the starting squad and second line middies moved to True Annapolis to form the core of the team. I believe one or two moved to Looneys. One or two made the Hawks. A number of the guys moved down a division or two to various other central MD teams like AYLA, Swarm, Rebels, PLC, etc.

The bunch that moved to True were basically the D-Back studs. As such True will be a real power when play resumes later this summer.

Jesus dude. If you want to just talk about True, just talk about True. The one or 2 True parents that come on here and act like someone else is asking a question just so they could talk about themselves is pathetic. we all see through you. Desperation is a stinky cologne..

Wow, Couldnt even make True ! Thats not good