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Can't we get back to discussing the competition in the area vs beating up on kids and holdbacks?

How is the HoCo fall league going to finish?
Can some of the teams that are falling off catch back up to the rest of the league?

Crabs vs Looneys in the Finals
VLC and BLC fighting for 3rd
FCA playing the dominate roll over the AA Teams

Will Crabs FO be the difference or will Looneys Defense and transition game come through again?

VLC deserves to be in the elite discussion as BLC battles injuries.

FCA continues to pray for talent and Zingos and RR wish they were playing B.

Fall HS sports are back are the recs going to follow?

Zingos and Roughriders were AAA in spring league. Give them a shout out for playing up in the fall and challenging themselves. They could have done what my son’s AAA team did and play down and hammer everyone, but it makes for really boring lacrosse and no one is getting better for it. It was the right move for those two teams. I wish my son’s team had done the same.