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Thunder and True Atlantic dont make much sense....they played nobody. Based on the games played, Tommyknockers and Kings are too high....the only real games they played was amongst themselves. But, both of those teams are very good and Tommyknockers showed that at NLF last year. Tigers seem a bit too low and Madlax a bit too high. LXC Black just did not play enough games so I get them being ranked where they are.....they will move up once more games are played.

Unrelated...how many multi region all star teams does True have? True National, True Atlantic, True Midwest, True Illinois Premier, etc

These new ranks do seem out of order and not based on reality. Are they based only on a few summer one day tournaments and leave out the past tournaments from fall and last summer? How could LXC be #17? The whole top 10 looks wrong other than the Hawks but with there recent losses that is even in question...and two Colorado teams that have not played a real team yet other than LXC and lost? smh
You can see which games are included easily when the top 100 is posted tomorrow. Just click on team name and it shows each game played, record and overall strength of schedule.

True Atlantic only played at Club Nationals and went 5-0 which I agree doesn't tell you much. Tommyknockers played 22 games and went 19-2-1 against teams in Midwest and west. Really tough to compare that to east coast teams. Kings beat TKnockers so they get huge bump there which is probably unfair to east coast teams. LXC went 4-2 losing to Sweetlax and Eclipse who are good, but beat 4 nobody's so they do not deserve a 26 SOS.