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This is correct, FCA is indeed ranked 15th in the country. Yesterday US Club lacrosse posted new revised rankings because they originally omitted certain tournaments. Here are the new national rankings of the local teams, including PA Roughriders as an Honorary MD/VA team since they have made so many friends in these parts. There are multiple True teams listed but I am not sure which is the Annapolis team that used to be Diamondbacks and would consider itself part of this list. Whether you like the order or not, it is amazing to have six top 20 national teams clustered in one league!

Hawks - 1
MadLax - 10
VLC - 13
FCA - 15
Looneys - 16
BLC - 18
PA RR - 23
Crabs - 29
NextLevel - 49
Lol, I love the PA RR inclusion. Not sure if it’s just a BOTC thing or not, but really feels like the are a local 2026 team with all the attention they get around here.