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A bunch of you are clowns. You took the bait. I posted about being #50’s dad for the Hawks. There is no #50.

All the discussion about they are only on defense 10% of the game & points scored versus goals against is pointless at the end of the day all they care about is wins versus losses. Out of the 3 or 4 times they’ve played Tigers there was an OT win, wins by 5-7 goals, a loss by 1 off of a controversial push call from the far ref. They still went on to win that tournament and Tigers didn’t make the finals. Out of all the teams they played Tigers is the only one that comes to play consistently.

Their defense gets better with more time. They practice harder than their opponents play. That’s why the didn’t do the fall HoCo league, they work on getting better. Unless the other teams get to where the Hawks are consistently losing to them I can’t see how anyone can say they are ducking them.

They don’t carry much more than 20-21 kids and if their players play other sports so they don’t play in one tournament then so be it. They aren’t so stunk into FALL lacrosse that they aren’t going to allow the kids to be kids.

Everyone has all this and that to say about them but they can’t beat them and they won’t show up for tryouts. stink it up get better and live with the results. I promise you, their coaches or kids don’t care about what you all post in this group. Now 2-3 of their dads may but that’s a very small minority.

#___’s Dad 🤣🤣🤣

Well it sounds like a nerve was struck and Dad may be worried about his son keeping his spot next year. Lets just say I know of 2 kids that will be headed to Annapolis next year for tryouts; both are long-poles and both will make that team.

Why are kids planning on Hawks tryouts for August 2021 just three months after not trying out for them and committing to another team for a year?