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I am not a Hawks parent; but the whining about playing up and do you enjoy beating teams by 10 has this blog reaching a new low. While not trying to contrast pro sports for 12 yo lax I offer the following as examples as to how insane your comments are. When the Steelers won 3 Super Bowls in the 70’s I am sure they had a really bad time winning year after year. Same thing for Tiger Woods in his golf prime. “Tiger can you stop playing as it cannot be fun beating these other guys who work and are committed to winning as much as you are. Why don’t you join the pro bowling tour?” I am sure Jordan was in constant depression winning so many times in his career.

Please stop with the whining, telling these boys they need to play out of their class year, etc as it is embarrassing to all of the parents and kids on other teams who work their but off to get better with the single goal to beat all the teams they play, including the Hawks who one day will face reversion to the mean as other kids grow and talent levels level off.

Do the kids on the Hawks have fun winning allot? I am sure they do, as Al Davis always said to his teams....”just win baby”!!!

What is embarrassing is boasting about your record when you clearly have an unfair hold back advantage.