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Post summer Elite MD Rankings 2026

Hawks - 3 years running. No one is close
Madlax - proved itself at NAL, Platinum Cup and Millon's
FCA - won 3 tournaments this summer but did they really beat anyone of significance?
Looney's - who would have thought; strong showing at Platinum Cup and took Madlax to OT in both games at Millon's. Could argue they have past FCA with a win over them at Platinum Cup
91 - I just have a feeling this team is imploding; did anyone see 91 helmets at tryouts for FCA, Crabs or Hawks? Biggest fall this summer from last year.
BLC - very inconsistent this summer but still has some talent
Crabs - not much to say but my guess is hold-backs a plenty over the next 2 years; its the crabs way!!
VLC - I think this is the team to move up and play in the elite group. Good summer and most deserving

You need to specify which Madlax team you're talking about because you never know which team they're going to bring to a tournament. Madlax Capital beat FCA and lost to Looneys in the Platinum Cup. MadLax brought their National team to Millon's tournament and beat Looneys twice. Both games went into OT