Does anyone actually know of any of these?[/quote]

Yes, it happens. Often it's not 2 years at once but staggered from elementary to middle school or a gap year to college.[/quote]

darn, then you add in a redshirt or transfer and you graduate at 25.[/quote]

Lyle Thompson was 20 years old as a freshman.[/quote]

Shoot, you can get to that with just being a single holdback and a Sept/Oct Bday. I am guessing a lot of Canadians in D1 are 20 year old freshmen.[/quote]
Chris Weinke won the Heisman for Florida State when he was in his late 20's. Kramer beat up little kids in karate when he was an adult. what is your point?[/quote]

He also had a MiLB baseball career before college. Not exactly apples to apples with the post talking about holdbacks.