You wrote:

Yes I agree MIAA is tough due to the large number of private school kids reclassing in 9th grade since they are coming from crappy MD public schools. The Stanwicks of the world are reclassing in high school not elementary or middle school. The kids held back before HS struggle with basic reading and comprehension. I have a suggestion, the Hawks should take one of their weekly practices and everyone bring a book to learn how to read - maybe you can keep your kids at grade level. By the way, top D1 programs require lacrosse skill AND academics. Clearly the Hawks are failing.

My reply:

Are you kidding me?? A team of 7th grade boys who work hard at a sport they love gel as a team and consistently win games. As a result of your adult insecurity you criticize these young men and claim they can’t read? What kind of human being are you? You have nothing else better to do then pick on kids? Instead of ridiculing kids you know nothing about maybe you should go to your place of worship and hit your knees and ask for forgiveness for directing your insecure and detest filled soul’s shortcomings at a bunch of innocent young men who simply have a greater skill at a game then most other kids. This is something to congratulate them on, not beat them up over.