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Chicken Hawks LOL!
You people are too much. Most days I enjoy the entertainment but sometimes I do feel sorry for you. So glad that my two sons are both proud of their teams AND that I am a rational, non-crazy parent. Someday you will look back and be sorry you treated your son's sports experience like this.[/quote]

Thats funny the HC also has two kids who play for the program.....hi coach?[/quote]

Well someone has to be the first to step up and ask him a question. Hi coach rage or do you prefer coach or mm (taken already) or do you prefer coach m&m maybe? Browsing previous posts on here maybe you first want to talk about your philosophy on say holdbacks? Will leave floppy hat/ sandals/ jean shorts for someone else.[/quote]

Since Coach Rage seems to be back posting here again,,,,,time to try again? Hi Mr. Rage, can you update us on some of your recent recruits?