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If the Hawks have a weakness it is their defense; the goaltending is top notch but they definitely need to add some poles to shut down some of the big attackman out there. Right now they just don't have it; most of these games the goalies are making at least 6-8 saves on the doorstep bc the defense can not clear the crease. I have seen it on more than one occasion. My guess is this will be a focus next year at tryouts.

Their most physical defenseman that crease clear... 1 is hurt and the other is no longer on the team. Their new pole is extremely physical, and has a motor like no other defender that I have seen.
Reinforcements are probably on the way soon.

Their defense is solid. In youth lacrosse...the biggest equalizer is the X. Whomever controls the ball generally wins the game. Here is where the Hawks have been very good. They always have the ball and maintain possession, they ride like no other team at the age group. This allows the defense to lull and not be as prepared when the other team is playing defense 90% of the time.

Completely agree; the best defenses generally have a very solid FO guy and offense. I would be curious to see how many scoring opportunities the hawks actually give up a game if they’re controlling the ball that much? If they’re only playing defense 10% of the game and giving up 3-4 goals I would agree the defense needs to be better.[/quote]

If you are on back of the cage wondering about percentages of time a team is playing defense vs shots and correlations to that and its not even your kids team. I say this with no joking or humor meant. I truly feel sorry for you. This forum has gone from Hawks need to play 2025 with all their hold backs and do the right thing to Hawks are ducking everyone because they can't compete to now dissecting possible scenarios and wondering about this and that. It is flat out embarrassing the way people nut ride and talk about them.