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Not enough data yet, but from what I saw in the fall, and scores I have heard in the first week of summer play, three of the teams mentioned are on very thin ice to be considered Elite. Those would be Crabs, Looneys, and NextLevel. There are some teams not mentioned, especially the one on which my son plays, that I think will show they deserve consideration once more summer lacrosse is played. We shall see. I just pray that all the games currently scheduled actually happen.

I completely agree with this breakdown; there have been a handful of games from teams that have barely had anytime to gel. Looney's and crabs seem to be treading water as elite teams but these clubs are bound to bounce back with reclassification becoming more prevalent right before the HS years. I also agree there needs to be more discussion on this board outside the Elite category; there is good lacrosse being played at AAA and AA for sure.