As an outsider (California) who just joined this forum in the last two weeks, it is odd that 90% of the dialogue is about criticism/retaliation of Hawk comments and about hold backs. I think the data is clear that the Hawks are the best team in MD (we have not played them, but the scores indicate Hawks well ahead)....I would think people would just accept that and move on to other more interesting topics. Hawks also one of the best teams at 2026 nationally. I am sure they would beat our squad handily.

I get the holdback argument...but it is what it is, not much reason to keep rehashing it. My 2026 is April 2008 so he is usually the youngest kid on the field and is often playing against kids over a year older. So I get it, but he just plays and deals with it. Complaining non stop does not accomplish much in my view.

I come here to learn about what is going on in MD (and surrounding region) lacrosse at 2026 level. We have had the great opportunity to play many of the teams in the area and hope will have future opportunities as well. Lots of great teams and amazing players. Impressive for sure.

We will be back for Gold Cup November 7-8 in Delaware. Maybe some of your squads will be there. I will keep dropping in here, but hopefully the dialogue can evolve beyond criticizing the Hawks/Hawks chest pounding and the holdback issue. Good luck to all your teams and boys this Fall.