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Interesting post earlier stating that the UVA coach would rather take a raw kid from the west coast then a kid from lacrosse power house, hot beds like NJ, NY, MD etc. I think his actions speak louder then his essay as the following main line starters from their 2019 National Championship team all came from traditional lacrosse power states: Moore, Conrad, Aiken, Kraus, Laviano, Rock, Simmons, Kology, Smith, Conners, Herring and Rode. Based upon this data I am not sure I agree that playing for a raw west coast team garners more cred from guys like Lars then playing for Crabs, Express, Hawks, 91, etc. I have an open mind if you can show data to refute this data set. Point

I don't think he was saying that he would rather take a non-hotbed player than a hotbed player. What I believe he was saying was that given two equal players, he will lean towards taking the player that hasn't been coached up for the last 8 years. The diamond in the rough. Maybe that kid, with some quality coaching, makes the leap where the kid who has already been coached up may have already plateaued.