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Not weak at all....You just have your head in sand and have not gone thru it.......The advantage starts young with prefirst/reclass/holdbacks getting on the field more.. Many of these players would not start unless held back at a young age,,,after awhile everyone catches up size wise sooner or later, but not playing time, what coaches think better players are due to always starting, etc,, average players held back are better than average playing down.. Thats why there are so many holdbacks now
Wow, quite the participation trophy parent! You should want your son to face better comp, that’s how you improve. Ok love that my boy has faced older kids for the past 4 years and will for the next 2 before high school. That’s how you improve. He does not care and I don’t care if they win 7th grade tourneys. He has fun with his boys and I have fun watching him improve and enjoy lax. I’d never hold him back, but if other parents do that’s fine as they are only making my son better. Step up or step out