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Yeah they stink, just look at all the points they are giving up. Everyone scores on them when they are man down and they all make a living challenging them with big attackmen and middies. NOT....dude you have no clue. But that statement I'm sure will motivate them even more. I wouldn't bet against their defense that's for sure.

Here's the thing. All of the other teams that play them have to play their absolute best to have a chance. Even on a down day the Hawks defense doesn't give up more than 4 goals. I don't think anyone has scored 10 points on them more than once in the last 2 years. If I remember correctly the most I've heard anyone scoring is 7 goals. Physical or not (according to you) they don't give up many points. That's the job of the defense. Give them their respect and keep it moving.

#50 Dad

Who’s #50 I don’t think I even noticed him yesterday? And I have to agree with the previous poster; defense is their weakness; goaltending bails them out 75% of the time. Stick work is average and let’s be honest; they’re slow! Slides are always late and communication is poor. They definitely need an upgrade here.

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