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You clowns should go read the high school thread. Holdbacks have been part of the game for decades. heck, colleges Red Shirt players all the time. This is nothing new and the whining and crying is funny. Its not fair. Life isnt fair. You want fair go play rec ball where everyone gets to play equal time and everyone gets a trophy

You are new to game I see. Youth lacrosse up to 9th grade has been age based for over 50 years up until just 6 years ago, The best club teams in area then were either the Crabs/Breakers U15 or U13 teams. Sometimes Rock.

You are obviously a holdback apologist whose son can not compete on age in youth lacrosse. Youth lacrosse is completely out of control letting all these prefirst( kindergarten holdback) and holdbacks/reclass mainly from the MIAA schools play Down. Giving select kids an advantage others dont get because they didnt hold their child back is wrong in youth lacrosse.

Get your advantage in HS..That has always been by grade