No, the weak argument is yours, especially since you begin by admitting that an extra year is an advantage. HS sports is designed for four class grades to compete against each other, and if a 14 year old freshman makes the varsity, then good for him. But youth lacrosse, even Elite, is designed for players in one grade to compete against each other. I saw the Hawks play this summer for the first time, and was amazed at how dependent they are on the size advantage of a few players. Take those players away and they are still a good team, but they would be on par with BLC, MadLax, FCA etc., the teams that they routinely beat by 6-7 goals. The games would be close and competitive, rather than a victory lap for Hawks dads each weekend as they taunt the kids on opposing teams. What losers. If your son is on that team and you are under the illusion that he (and you) are hot stuff because the Hawks always win, you are the one who will be crying when he gets to high school.