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As a 2026 Coach finding this board, this is all appalling as heck.

I know the majority of the coaches on all these teams that are constantly mentioned, quite well.

I will let them know about this, maybe they can chime in.

These are 7th graders. And by the way some of you parents talk on here, your kid will get burned out by HS. And worse, maybe end up hating his parents that are constantly on their kids butt about lax, lax, and more lax, when maybe they just wanted to be a kid for awhile. Sorry, if you were never good enough so you have to live your dream through your child.

This board is embarrassing. Congratulations to the hammerhead parents who think its OK to come in here and bash other teams and players.

Hi “Coach”. Why do you think some forums like this exist? Please do let the coaches know, but my guess is most have been here for awhile. If not, then maybe they will begin to understand what needs to change about club lacrosse and the way some of them approach coaching, treatment of players, etc. Because you are correct, they are 7th graders.