Here's the deal with MadLax Capital and National teams. Its main 2026 is Capital in the DC area, but the program also operates regional programs in other parts of the country, I believe Texas and Oregon.
The "National" team is pulled together for certain tournaments, and consists mostly of Capital players, but they invite the top players from the other teams to add extra juice. I am sure it is a cool opportunity for the regional kids to get invited east to play with the big team, and the potential opportunity is a selling point when recruiting for those teams.
I don't know if they bump players off the Capital team to make room, or simply carry a bigger roster for events to which they bring the "National" team. I would guess that at least 80% of the National team consists of Capital players, probably more, but a few athletic kids from those teams are probably an upgrade over the weakest few players on the Capital team.
But the extra talent at a couple of positions is probably neutralized by the lack of team chemistry with the short time players.
And this year with Covid, I would imagine that not many families wanted to fly from Texas or Oregon for a weekend of lacrosse, so there is probably not much difference between the two teams in terms of overall quality.
I hope this helps; and perhaps a Madlax parent can chime in if I am not understanding correctly.