I am a Bethesda parent whose son’s team played the Hawks this weekend. Not a big Hawks supporter but you are wrong when you say: “ Take out one middie and they are an average team.” When BLC played Hawks Sat afternoon the mid fielder I believe you are referring to (has dominated HOCO the prior two years) sat out nearly the entire game with some type of leg injury. In his absence the shorter and super quick player who plays X and the new really tall attack man they added carried the scoring load. Also 2 or 3 other middies contributed with goals or assists. Also our team struggled against their rides and D and did not get off many shots.

After the game some of our parents were speaking and concluded that Hawks are a complete team and simply got better in the past year. Tough to see it and say it but I saw it and am just being honest based upon how well they played our team this past weekend.