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2026 Md Elite summer standings

Hawks - still the team to beat even after losing 1 game today.
FCA - hard not to put them here after a 7-1 win over Bethesda who was the talk of the elite division after beating 91 a few weeks ago.
Bethesda - took a beating today by FCA but still a very talented team
91 - definitely not the same team we saw last year. Talent but selfish play.
Madlax - another big team with talent at attack. Needs help defensively and in goal
Crabs - need a lot of help but have one of the best FO kids at this level. He will be with the hawks next year; you heard it here first
Looneys - they have a goalie but too slow and small on the offensive side of the ball.

Rankings from a sane person:

Tier 1:
Hawks - solid all around, best team in the country despite the loss to Tigers

Tier 2:
FCA - the defensive holdbacks are really paying off, eventually this will catch up to them
Madlax - solid team, if they ever figure out how to run an offense they'll be very good, too small at attack
Bethesda - solid team as well, will compete with anyone, just don't have the horses to beat the best teams

Tier 3:
Looneys - good goalie play, decent team, slower than Tier 2 teams
True Annapolis - scrappy team, will keep improving, need a "star" to get to next level
Crabs - FO guy is very, very good; need a lot of help but will get better with age

Tier 4:
Bay Raiders - solid team, but not Elite level
91 - could make the case that they are not an Elite bracket team; got destroyed by everyone; honestly I don't see anything to be excited about here; just keeping it real

Bay Raiders and True should be switched.