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if your team doesn't have 5-6 holdbacks it doesn't make much sense to play them - its not really competitive. You take away their holdbacks and the team is pretty average. I saw a lot of dropped passes, errant shots, i don't think their players are developing skills. They basically give the ball to their holdbacks and they muscle in against younger smaller kids and shoot 5 yards out, not much skill in that. Not really sure why Hawks bother showing up to tournaments seems like a waste of time for everyone.
That’s such a weak argument. Do kids a year older have an advantage? Yes, but my son being young for his grade (in lax terms) and doing well against holdbacks only makes him better when he gets to high school. Am I gonna cry when he’s a 14 ur old freshman playing against 19 yr old seniors? Nope, because that’s real life. Either step up or step out...your call, Dad.