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Hey WCS Dad, thanks for the detailed post without the attitude sometimes displayed on this forum. I chatted with your coach in the parking lot before my son’s team played you guys and he seemed like a class act.
While it’s fresh in your mind, how about an impartial ranking of the six teams mentioned in your post?

I will do my best. I have no skin in this MD lacrosse game, so just my honest opinion based only on the games these teams played against WCS. I have not gone back to check scores from other tournaments, etc. So this is based only only the direct match ups I watched myself. And this is only teams WCS has played. We have tremendous respect for all of the East Coast teams we have the privilege to play, so this ranking is not intended to denigrate any team or program as everyone we have played has talent, skill and kids who play hard. And all of these teams listed could come to CA and beat most of our local club teams. Just one person's opinion based on a very limited data set.

1a. Bethesda Lacrosse Club
1b. Virginia Lacrosse Club

I think those teams are the most complete teams, dont make many mistakes and are just very solid. Bethesda in particular....everytime we made a mistake, they made us pay. VLC has a better goalie than Bethesda which makes a difference

3a. Looney's
3b. MadLax Capital

Very solid, well rounded teams. Looney's has a great goalie and defense which held us to only 2 goals.

5. FCA MD--Good, solid team. Offensively challenged, but a good squad

6a Crabs
6b True Annapolis

Both of these teams are lead by very strong play from specialists. Face Off for Crabs and Goalie for True. I think Crabs is the superior team overall, but that True goalie was AMAZING the day we played. He had 12 saves and 3 goals allowed.

8. Next Level--Solid team, not aggressive offensively. Seemed content to hold the ball and shorten the game. But definitely some talented kids and a good squad.
9. Breakers--Just not enough fire power to compete with the teams above on this list. Definitely some talented kids, but just not enough