I don't know about a referee's report, and I don't think anybody who actually knows about such a report would talk about it on this board. But here is what I saw and heard.

A VLC player told an injured PA Rough rider to "stay down," with profanity. After the game the VLC coaches sent the player to the PA sideline to apologize, and the RR coach told the VLC player to get lost, also with profanity. Then on the opposite side of the field a PA RR parent approached the VLC parents, looking for the player's parents, to "let them know" what their son said. This led to some debate by both teams' parents, but fortunately nobody was knocked unconscious, as in the fight between PA RR and FCA two weeks ago. Then everybody cooled down and went home.

According to this Board, during the recent fight where the FCA player was injured, a RR Dad ran onto the field and challenged everybody to a fight - could a PR RR parent confirm if the man in the white shirt yesterday who tried to find the VLC player's parents is the same guy?