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Chicken Hawks LOL!
You people are too much. Most days I enjoy the entertainment but sometimes I do feel sorry for you. So glad that my two sons are both proud of their teams AND that I am a rational, non-crazy parent. Someday you will look back and be sorry you treated your son's sports experience like this.

Thats funny the HC also has two kids who play for the program.....hi coach?[/quote]

Well someone has to be the first to step up and ask him a question. Hi coach rage or do you prefer coach or mm (taken already) or do you prefer coach m&m maybe? Browsing previous posts on here maybe you first want to talk about your philosophy on say holdbacks? Will leave floppy hat/ sandals/ jean shorts for someone else.[/quote]

Since Coach Rage seems to be back posting here again,,,,,time to try again? Hi Mr. Rage, can you update us on some of your recent recruits?[/quote]
Boy some people really have it in for Coach Rage. that is the Hawks 2026 HC?