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Depends on how you define Top program. Many girls, especially from private schools, are only targeting top academic schools which is Duke, Stanford, Candy Hopkins, Ivy, Patriot league and a few others. Without knowing girls, its hard to say how many had top 20 offers.

For instance our club just had a girl turn down offers from Syracuse and Florida to go to Davidson. Another turned down Penn State and Stony Brook to go to Lehigh. Remember not all girls are trying to get the best lax school, they are looking for the best school

No way anyone turns down Penn State or SB for Lehigh. That’s actually funny! Also Florida for Davidson?? You definitely do not know what actually happened. Stop making up nonsense.

There are also no girls who have “outstanding offers” and have not decided. From hear on out, we will see girls commit to lower programs. A rare girl may still commit to a top 15, but not many

not so sure. penn state and sb are very very weak academically. Lehigh is a real school[/quote]

Lol, Lehigh is a good school, but no comparison to a school like Penn State that gives the total college experience and has the strongest Alumni network. I know several recent PSU grads that immediately got great high paying jobs right out of college. I also know that SB is a top rated NYS school that offers extremely competitive majors and reasonable cost. In addition both of those schools have competitive lacrosse. Lehigh does not.