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I think Grizzlies has 15 commits already. That is amazing. Means kids that aren’t even starters are committed.

"Yes, that’s great, but the discussion is about the LI teams. I think if you look at the quality of the commits, TG has the edge"

When is Long Island going to realize there is a big wide world of athletes out there? You guys are so small minded.

As a LIer, I will admit that what Grizzlies has done is impressive. 15 from 1 team shows how much coaches value the program. Maybe not top lax schools, but they’re top academic schools that would not be easy to get into without lax.

Are you aware that the majority of Grizzlies girls are extremely wealthy and are paying full price at the 80k schools they’re going to? That’s great for them since they can clearly afford it. Grizzlies also work off a different model than the LI clubs. They’re roster is double the size and they rotate who attends tournaments.