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Incredible how the concept of commitment has to be explained to you over and over. Again, there is a process built on commitment. You have no ethics to even pose this question. Unfortunately you are probably passing your value system along to your daughter.

If you think there is nothing wrong with your thinking, share it with each coach during your initial discussion. Let’s us know how it works out.

Are you responding to a particular post?

Why do you feel that you have to explain to anyone on here “the concept of commitment “? Pretty sure everyone understands.

Your post reads like gibberish.

The post which stated “you should honor your commitment” is in fact myopic. It is narrow minded, shortsighted and doesn’t look at the big picture or consider possibilities or future considerations.

The statement was simple, “you should honor your commitment “. Then we had a few posters chime in with their self righteous thoughts and opinions on the topic. Then we had the usual personal attacks and parenting advice.

The statement “you should honor your commitment “ leaves little room for interpretation. IMHO it is simple and even foolish. Some of the additional comments are idiotic.

The large majority of girls and parents who have made it this far know all about commitment. Players will make a verbal commitment based on current information, circumstances and opportunities with the intention of honoring that commitment. However, the reality is that information, circumstances and opportunities change and there is nothing wrong with reevaluating your situation and revising you decision / commitment.

Very well said! Thank you. Every single situation will be different. Many different circumstances. Good luck to all the girls in finding schools that they will be truly happy at.
Some girls get to schools, and are miserable there. They shouldn’t stay, life is way too short! Best of luck to all of them.