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Coaches don't have to renew schollys so having a new coach that doesnt like your D is an issue. It is not a great look but teams like SBU and Fla Tech have done this in past.

Here is a nice tip for you all… you can negotiate all four years and have it in your commitment contract. Not all coaches will do it, and not all players can demand it. Most coaches like to offer a first year offer that is the minimum over the four years with room to increase over the years. Some will visit and increase on their own, some will need to be nudged or negotiated and some “offer” it knowing they will never increase. If you don’t have a minimum in your commitment contract, coaches can decrease your scholarship each year, as rumored from the team mentioned in the above post. These contracts can be completely customized to meet the needs of both the player and/or the coach. Treat it like you would a business contract or a divorce agreement, look it over carefully, make as many corrections as needed and get all the terms where both parties need them to be, then sign it. Coaches prepare this document based and a couple points made during the offer process, they are going to prepare the document and many of the undiscussed points in their favor, don’t just sign off on it.