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How can we see who commits where in September

The clubs post it on the web sites and they will post it on Instagram

Or you can check out @BackOfTheCage on Twitter , @BackOfTheCage on Facebook and @BackOfTheCage on Instagram as they post new college commitments daily and they also have feature the newest commits on the websites home page and the most recent 200 commitments under the 'Commitment Center' tab under the specific grad year. Here's the link for the 2023's - . 2023 College Commitments (some already have committed as Navy, Army, Air Force, etc, allow players to commit early)

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the advice!

Has anyone seen the Labor Day D1scovery Day Showcase Camp? Seems like a good event for only $189 with the top coaching and exposure the 44 players allowed would get and I've gone to one College Bound Laxers (CB Laxers) event before and I personally loved it compared to 2 other showcases we tried this summer b/c they are so small and my daughter had great experience.

It's a soft period but D1's are allowed to be there and it's the only event in September that I can find locally so I am going to register my daughter - just wanted to get others thoughts as I fee like any exposure is good exposure, especially when coaches are going to be calling kids soon, leaving less scholarships available.. Thank you!

I think it looks like a good option especially since the coaches get to see the kids up close. My dd has had quite a bit of attention from coaches she saw at those small type clinics with multiple coaches—- in fact, those are the schools I’m thinking may call on Sept 1. If they don’t call, then probably have to regroup and do more small events like this.