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Top recruit from grizzlies committed UNC

Was most likely between UNC and Stanford since she has sisters at both. Heard the sister does not love Stanford. Probably factored into the decision. You go to California for lax, and you disappear. UNC is a special place. Great choice!

Actually, it was the other way around, was surprised a bit by UNC selection. Sister at Stanford redshirted as a freshman last year and will have a big 2022 season. If she did not like Stanford, than why no transfer portal? Some of us know the facts but you keep trying to tear down everything Stanford lax. That being said, cannot go wrong with UNC and congrats to her.

Even as a great athlete and at a Great school but surrounded by people operating on another level and it must get pretty lonely. you never transfer out of some of the schools it just isn't accepted. Hopkins is probably the same. You can get in to play but your circle is small there.

True. Stanford never had a legit chance at her. The cream of the crop athletes do not go there. It’s more for girls that are decent players but looking for super elite academics. The same type of player that commits to Princeton or Penn.

Another person who just pops off with nonsense... I didn't know so I checked...

Below are the Final Rankings from 2019. Each year there are 48 All-Americans, I would say they would be the cream of the crop... to the right of each team is how many All-Americans the team had.

1 - Maryland - 7

2 - Boston College - 4

3 - North Carolina - 4

4 - Northwestern - 3

5 - Syracuse - 1

6 - Princeton - 3

7 - Virginia - 2

8 - Denver - 2

9 - Notre Dame - 3

10 - Loyola - 4

11 - Michigan - 0

12 - Stony Brook - 1

13 - Florida - 4

14 - Penn - 2

15 - James Madison - 1

16 - Navy - 1

17 - Southern California - 1

18 - Georgetown - 1

19 - Colorado - 0

20 - Dartmouth - 1

21 - Duke - 1

22 - Johns Hopkins - 0

23 - Stanford - 0

24 - High Point - 0

25 - Virginia Tech - 0

You may be correct in terms of Stanford not getting many high end recruits but they are a very competitive program that finishes in the Top 20 - 25 most years. I don't think anyone on this site puts The Cardinal up there with MD, BC, UNC etc... but they are certainly one of the Top 20 - 25 programs.

As for Princeton and Penn, they obviously hold their own and are arguably two of the Top 10 programs. Couple of surprises were Florida and Loyola with 4 AA's siting behind a number of teams that outperformed them that year.

Syracuse was a shock with only 1 AA, I guess they were a young team in 2019.

Denver and Michigan appear to be two of the up and coming programs.

Two Programs that each had an All-American but did not finish the season ranked were Hofstra and Towson.

Surprising that Penn State was not Ranked and did not have any All-Americans.

With the exception of Penn State it looks like the usual suspects finished in the Top 15 and had the lions share of All-Americans. The formula seems pretty simple, recruit the best players and you will have a very strong team.