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TG and YJ have 95% of the Elite talent on LI. Jesters now have 2 (legit ex-TG player and ball hog Daddy daughter), Legacy has excellent Goalie and decent middie/attacker.
YJ has 5 middies, 2 attack, goalie, 3 defenders. TG with goalie and 2-3 at each position.
ALL four LI top clubs, including Jesters, have another 4-8 players who are really Very good. On a National scale will be top notch at the teams they play on. Add a couple others and you have 50 LI recruits. 23 top level and about 27 really Very good level LI recruits. Very STONG ISLAND !!!

Well said! And many of you who are arguing about whose team beat who, have girls who are friends with each other, some of which will be recruited to the same college. In a couple years all of this will be irrelevant, and we will be laughing about this! Good luck to all the awesome young ladies from LI!