The ID event was a great opportunity for many of the girls to have FUN, and many of the girls that my daughter spoke/texted with had a great time. Not everything has to be directly tied to rankings/recruiting/exposure, although each of those things can and do benefit certain players. The reality is that some excellant players will be overlooked and not necessarily receive all of the attention/accolades that their skill level deserves, while other perhaps lessor players may get more exposure based on connections/program/etc. This is no different from any other sport, and really no different from how the real world works......some get more than they deserve and others less. I for one value the component of "fun" in these events and think it is a valuable piece of the experience; I hope my daughter continues to play for her love of the sport and for the fun she has playing it for her remaining high school years and beyond. I think those players that have the ability to keep their competitive fires buring while maintianing their love and enjoyment of the sport are best suited to get the most out of their experience.