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That may be the prize for the player that is a tip top student and wants an Ivy school and can handle that. Many of these players are very good students and top of the heap players but an Ivy or almost Ivy is not what they want. That’s a demerit for them ? Less of a “prize”? Come on. Everyone has different boxes to check off. Look at the talent going to Fla and Cuse so far for example. I don’t know the out of staters. But the LI kids headed there are in the top tier players out of LI. Everyone has their own story. How about the $$ part? Take the big $ offers and go to lesser tier academic undergrad.

Yes, this. Not every family can afford every college option or qualify for enough need based aid generously available at ivies. One of my kids was recruited by a couple top lax ivies and had grades/SAT to get into any school as an athlete. Chose a non-ivy for multiple reasons. Both of my kids in college are getting a good education at affordable public universities. Their scholarships and choosing schools with total cost about half of an ivy or pricey private means no loans for us and we can now help them with their graduate school plans.

The most important thing is for players to pick a school for the right reasons, and those reasons vary for every player/family.