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I think UNC and Maryland recruit a ton of players that have a ton of hype yet never see the field. Perhaps those players would have had a better college experience at a lesser name lacrosse school? Not that you hear them complaining.

Here we go again, what would make you post something so inaccurate?

UNC and MD do not recruit “a ton” of players. They go after a very small group of players and they bring in on average about 8 freshmen per year.

They do not recruit or offer spots or scholarship $$ based on “hype” the do it based off of what the coaches have watched with their own eyes, pretty sure they know what they like when they see it.

Most programs play between 15 -18 players in their competitive games, it doesn’t matter if it’s Marist or Maryland, Cornell or Carolina, not every player plays.

Also, keep in mind that not every recruit at a particular school is equal… the #1 recruit at Maryland is going to be better than the # 8 recruit at Maryland.

Just keep trying to make yourself feel better by trying to knock others.