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After MD's 2018 National Championship over BC both teams were decimated with graduating talent. Both teams lost 2/3's of their starters many of which were AA level players - ie Sam Appuzzo. Both teams struggled tremendously in the short 2019 Covid season even more than people expected (even with CN being at BC). BC obviously bounced back stronger than ever in 2020 in part due to their young talent. MD to the surprise of everyone did not bounce back. I'm not certain what exactly the reason is. Are more MD players looking to play outside of the state? Has the talent level in MD dropped a bit? For the longest time top MD talent - (ie. Cummings, Whittle, etc) were thrilled to simply stay at home and automatically be part of a title run. MD also had the great advantage of offering in state tuition to its home grown talent. It was their depth as much as their high end talent that made them unbeatable for so many years.

People are funny… pretty sure Maryland will be just fine….

I think they finished the season ranked 9th or 10th last year and some of you think the program has gone down the tube. Good grief .