Do the committed girls go to the tournaments to help support their teammates or do they not go so the uncommitted can get more play time?[/quote]
Committed girls should 100% be supporting their teammates!! Especially if there are girls still looking for a home on their team.[/quote]

Committed girls 100% play! They'd be nowhere without their team and a true teammate supports their whole team through the process. Any club that allows otherwise is only promoting their best players. Committed players will be marked with armbands at the tournaments so that the coaches know who they are.

The November tournaments and especially MidAtlantic and Presidents Cup are vital. There are tons of spots left. Top schools that still have spots will use it to see who gets their last spots and all others will be recruiting BIG TIME for 23s. 25s will start to get some looks too.[/quote]

Meant to say 24s! ^^^^^^