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I know CN and her family very well. My source could not be better. Nice try.

If true, thanks for shinning some light in the mystery. That said, it’s my opinion that she was the biggest single reason BC won the NC this year.. you mean to tell me she couldn’t do that in Duke?
Walker ain’t that much better than Kimel

No dog in this fight, but AW has established herself as currently being “The Best Coach” in the game.

Recruiting, developing, attracting transfers, and yes “coaching “. She is the best.

As far as winning the championship is concerned it was a total team effort in the championship game. The goalie played well, the BC Defense played well, the defender who also played on the circle “controlled the game”. She had countless gb’s and dc’s and played great D and picked a pass that lead to a goal if I remember correctly.

Attack & Goalie transfers put BC over the top all year .

BC Coach is better. Duke is the better school.

If choosing between Dook & Boston College is your biggest problem may I suggest doing The Applebee’s Dance… because life is pretty good.😃