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12 of the 25 players listed on the Lacrosse Magazine Girls National Watchlist have committed, so about halfway there on that list - for whatever it's worth. Northwestern and Stanford haven't made any commitments yet. They both have camps the weekend of 10/9-10/10 and are hosting visits.

LIST http://lacrossemagazine.com/2023-girls/

That list is funny. No YJ Colbert or TG black on the list yet both teams combined have about 10 girls committed already.

Funny or not, it looks like the kids that were on the list and have committed did pretty well:

They have committed to the following schools: (if I missed one I apologize )

Boston College
Penn State
Penn State

Obviously the Coaches at the best programs are on the same page as the people who made the list if half the list is already committed to many of the 15 or so best programs out there.

That may be true, but there are also many other girls who have committed to top 10 schools who are not on this "list". As there others on the "list" who have not committed. The "list" is silly and useless.

The top 5 field players for Sky walkers isn't even on the list. The second one listed doesn't even start on the team. That list is garbage.

Do you people realize how foolish you sound?

From what I can tell more than half the players listed have already committed to many of the top 10-15 programs in the country. I’m sure many more will find a home at top tier programs as well.

Of course there are excellent players who were not listed, they only listed 25 players.

If you want to know where your daughter stands, just look at the schools that make offers. If the offers come from the top 10 - 15 programs she is most likely very good. If there are no offers from those programs then it is likely that she is not a top tier player. It’s is what it is, the best programs consistently bring in the best players.

Not trying to offend anyone, it just seems pretty clear to me that if Top 10 caliber programs are making offers the player is probably pretty darn good.