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What a whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been. DD set up visits with her top choices that called on Sept 1 -- called to start process, not offer --- but none of them made an offer while she was there. As we go deeper down the D1 list of schools that reached out, the schools are more "never heard of" territory and I'm starting to really suffer some parental fatigue from the visits. Any advice on next steps? She has called and responded to a few upcoming prospect day invitations at schools of interest, but no response.

Do not panic. In a polite persistent way make sure the entire coaching staff at all schools she would like to go to are aware of her genuine interest in playing for them and going to the school. Review her list and look into all other schools she might be interested in. Have club directors reach out to the coaches at her top choices to see if you can find out exactly where she stands. Stay positive and help your daughter to do the same. The process has just begun . How many 23’s have committed? 50? There will likely be 700-800 DI commits…. If your daughter was invited to visit there is interest, if they are not offering they most likely have higher ranked players on their list that they are trying to get. No coach/program gets all of the players that they want. Each time they miss, the coach moves down their list.
Stay positive and be proactive without being a pest to the coaches. The process is fluid, it changes everyday and where and when other players commit can impact your daughters position. We are very early in the process.

According to Inside Lacrosse there are approximately 50 public commits...

If you look at the 15 to 20 best programs (BC, MD, UNC, Northwestern, Syracuse, Princeton, UVA, Penn, Florida, Stony Brook, JMU, Duke, PSU, ND, Stanford, USC, Loyola, Hopkins etc...) There are approximately 22 commits...

If you look at the Top 10 or so Academic schools that are not also Top Tier Lacrosse Programs (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Michigan, Cal etc...) There are approximately 18 commits....

These seem to be the most coveted schools/programs, they are great lacrosse programs or great schools or both. (yes, there are a lot of other great places but many on here would agree that these schools do not have a hard time finding kids that want to go to their school)

So, we are at about 40 commits for approximately 200 spots... 20%

Thats just for those schools, there are 90 other DI schools that offer women's lacrosse plus a lot of great DII and DIII opportunities .

If I were to guess, we will see approximately 40 LI girls commit to those top lacrosse or top academic schools in total.

This process takes a while, not everyone is offered the opportunity to commit in the first few weeks.

Good luck to all.