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I don’t think this went through earlier. If it did or does I’m so sorry for the repost.

My daughter was on 2023 bandits, now 91. We weren’t overly happy with the coaching staff, but thought that staying at this point would be easier than trying to move her. She really wanted to stay with her friends as well so we made the choice to stay. Unfortunately, it is even more unorganized than in the past and there is no sign that the tournaments will be any better than we had with just bandits. We came back and paid under the impression that we’d have a full team even without having tryouts. Sadly many players who verbally committed to come back did not and it seems like numbers are getting lower and lower.

While my daughter and her close friends have paid, we are likely going to make the call to move to another club. My fear is that with one year left, this could hurt her. Friends from other clubs said that being on 91 of bandits was already a set back. So maybe moving is still a better option than staying on a tram falling apart with coaches and an organization we aren’t finding any success with?

Now that tryouts are over, I also fear that there aren’t any other spots left for her let alone her friends. Are there any 23 teams with open spots?

Im torn on what to do and would love advice from other parents in navigating this. Is it worth it to stick it out and risk this team folding (from talking to other parents it seems many are secretly planning their departure.) does anyone know of skilled 23 teams with spots open?

Any advice or input would help. This is my first run around with recruiting and my husband and I are worried.

No matter what this is a tough situation. I’d leave 91. If the team is on the verge of folding, you should secure a spot elsewhere before there are none.

Agreed. Also have hear that the team is likely going downhill. You were in a bad place to begin with being bandits then 91. No good recruits coming out of there. Good luck in your search for a new team!