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What I've learned so far during this recruiting time:

Camps were a waste of money and time. The camps my daughter went to did not really pan out the way we expected. While other schools that people said "they only recruit from camps" came on hot.

Some schools drag their feet a bit, not sure why. Kind of a turn off when you have other equivalent schools reaching out offering visits, while they just stay "in the loop".

I am surprised that more girls have not committed yet, but it is also refreshing that girls are not jumping at their first offer. This will benefit all, because the girls can see schools and then pick the one that they feel best suit their needs without feeling pressure seeing tons of others committing to the first school that offers.

The experience has been great and I am confident my daughter will find school that checks all the boxes if she is patient with the process.

How is everyone else doing?

Parent of a committed 22 and 24 so no skin in this year's game. One thing I will pass on is that our club recruiting director said that multiple ACC coaches have told her that this is the deepest recruiting class in the past 6 or 7 years. No ultraelite stars at the top, but more outstanding talent than she can remember.