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Who is Samantha Duran? UCLA doesn't even have a lacrosse team. Is this about a club team?

We're in the DC area and travelling for Presidents cup is absolutely insane. Was one thing when you were in Florida, which is at least a desirable location. Even when our team has gone to playdays at colleges, it's always the same two or three teams in the final or semi final. I guess it remains about growing the game but since 23's are pretty much done recruiting so it seems like a major waste of money. We are committed to go because our club goes though. If there had not been covid and the many restrictions against coaches watching 23's throughout the leadup year, it might have made more sense last year. I hope the 24's are able to get more looks and check out more schools than the 23's. The Junior year Sept 1 recruiting date was just such a mad rush and a garbage shoot at times. We travelled quickly to schools we could, and everything turned out fine with committing but had the system been different I think my daughter could have made a more informed choice. We ended up going with a more familiar entity just because we did not have time or money to crisscross the country. ALl of these dead periods and no contact etc. really was to the detriment of the 23's with covid.

Couldn’t agree more. And to the pretzel suggesting CR set up a tournament, please go away, we did just fine without her and her YJs