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You have missed some commitments then. There has been a steady stream of commitments from Long Island girls. We should all be very proud of them. I would also point out that in the first month majority of the commitments or else Long Island. It was The Maryland people that we’re getting nervous

Are you responding to a specific post?

Please explain what your you are trying to say with the following gibberish: "I would also point out that in the first month majority of the commitments or else Long Island."

Many Long Island Parents are delusional, they pound their chest and believe they know all. They try to tear down anyone and everyone who receives more attention, accolades or recognition than their daughter. They belittle events, , rankings, teams etc... if their daughter is not selected or recognized. They believe that if their daughter plays on one of the stronger Long Island Club teams that they she is an elite player when in fact only a small number are actually are high end athletes/players. When other players are recognized as being better than their daughter by UA, IL, AS, College Coaches etc... they blame it on connections, friends and family, club directors, politics, $$$ etc... The same story every year, bla bla bla... it's all very predictable. Not sure if it's funny or sad.

Looks like the college coaches at the very best programs have a different opinion of just who the best players are. There are players from all over the country committed to the best programs with only about 20 from Long Island. Now we will hear the parents spew their nonsense and try to justify why their daughter choose not to go to one of the traditional powers.... The fact is that most never received any offers from the best programs.

You sound very jealous. The actual facts are that LI girls are #1 tier recruits at BC,ND, Cuse, Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, UNC, Virginia, Florida. Sounds like you’re delusional. Who exactly is complaining?? My daughter will attend her 1st choice school, so I can say I am very pleased how things worked out.

Not jealous at all, just pointing out reality. We here constantly from the LI parents about all of the rankings, teams, events are all BS, Political, a Joke, Pay to Play etc... and how there are so many more deserving players etc... Now we see as we do every year there are actually relatively few elite Long Island players. The college coaches at the best programs have spoken. Rest assured that there are a lot of LI parents who believed that their daughter would be receiving offers from some of the best programs and they did not. I would also bet that there were a lot who believed the Ivy's would be offering as well but it doesn't look like that happened either.