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Clearly there is jealousy in these posts…a 23 got into Yale, that’s awesome! How about not trying to stomp on it to make yourself feel better. People are way too focused on the lax aspect of it & going to the “best” lax school.

Bingo! There are always the jealous parents who try to elevate their kids status/situation by trying to tear down or diminish the status/situation of others. It not just done with kids that commit to better academic schools, it’s done to kids who commit to top lacrosse schools as well. There are a lot of delusional parents out there and when they realize that the college coaches rank other players higher than their daughter they go on the attack and spout their nonsense and make excuses. The parents will then try to justify and explain why their daughters situation is “the best” I.e.
She didn’t go to Maryland because she wanted to focus on academics … she didn’t go to Princeton because Princeton took a girl who’s father was connecting or her club coach pushed another player…
Bla bla bla…. After you have been through the process multiple times you here the same nonsense over and over…

The reality is that there will be maybe 10 - 12 players from Long Island who truly get to choose whatever school they want. Maybe another 10 who are at the same level athletically but maybe do not have the grades for the top academic schools.

So, when you see players committing to programs that are not traditionally Top 10-20 programs it is usually because the offers were not there from the top programs.