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Only 4 D1 programs have admission rates at 10%, Duke, Vanderbilt, Stanford, and Northwestern. Those schools reject lots of kids with perfect test scores, perfect grades, but no extracurriculars. Getting in with lax and on-the-cusp competitive academics is the Golden ticket! Kids from these schools soo pretty well in life comparatively;)

What blows my mind in all 4 above are Power 5, with each having endowments over 10 billion, 100 percent need based aid, and the aid is extremely generous, yet Somehow these schools do not have the very best lax yet in and out. Where are the Best/brightest lax kids that are willing to take a risk with the highest echelon of academics?

You forgot Princeton and Penn who have excellent top 20, often top 10 lax. Girls need minimum of 1300 SAT regardless of how good they are at lax for most of these schools. Not every one is an A+ student taking AP classes and scoring high on standardized tests. Eliminates a lot of girls. I think the list of combined great lax and elite academics are:


Then there are a bunch of schools that are either great academically and just OK at lax, or great at lax and still strong (10-20) academically like:


Or top tier academics but stink at lax (blown out many games)


I would bump ND and Hopkins up to that top group as they are both excellent schools with very strong lacrosse.

Combine the rest…. Yale, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, Harvard and Columbia. Excellent schools but not top caliber lacrosse (not consistently Top 10-20).
Dartmouth was headed in the right direction, let’s see what the new coach does.

Agree with you except for ND, they barely crack to top 20 academically, All the other schools are top 10 academically and Hopkins #9 so that makes sense.